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Today's GRB:

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1Today's GRB: Empty Today's GRB: on Sat Jun 09, 2012 10:35 pm


Guild Leader
Guild Leader
We have many players that will not be attending GRB today, they are too many to remember.

We had a complete defection, by .Shyloo, which hurts really bad, not for GRB, but for me, I'm going into this day with a heavy heart, not only was Shyloo one of our original players, but near and dear to my heart. I rec'd confirmation this morning from a UT Kaos player that his 30 toon is in UT Kaos. I cannot accept this defection and wish Shyloo luck in good faith, because he didn't find it respectable to talk to me and tell me first, thats my problem, I think I deserved that much, and as everyone knows, the first person to do this to me was Mike. While I was close to Mike, this action didn't surprise me. Shyloo leaving is x10 the hurt, it was 200% more personal. I cannot forgive, had he come to me first, I could have forgiven, him and remained friendly.

In my opinion, UT Kaos is just as responsible, I think there little match-up was part of the ploy. We will no longer have any kind of interaction of this type with them.

Until we find out where Chiela Luna is, I will reserve my comments. Solar was one that couldn't be here for GRB today, so we wish her well in her endeavors.

Let us focus on our DEDICATED GRB to Willow (Natty's Cousin) and his family, Willow lost his brother this week to a tragic accident and I know we wish he and his family well. So today we dedicate GRB to Willow, Natty and there family.

Though we go in down so many today, I know we will endeavor and superceed our losses in our time of struggle and need. Love you all...

Today's GRB: 9bhbfb

2Today's GRB: Empty Re: Today's GRB: on Sun Jun 10, 2012 10:23 am


If you must know I was at my college taking a final in order to actually build a life for myself. If this is an issue then by all means I will step down from my position as an officer. I would have hoped that any issues or concerns you had about me could be brought up specifically to me before posting them publicly for everyone to make their own judgments on. I'm sorry this has happened, I will be in game if you feel the need to speak to me about anything regarding me.

"The Enrichment Center promises to always provide a safe testing environment. In dangerous testing environments, the Enrichment Center promises to always provide useful advice. For instance: the floor here will kill you. Try to avoid it."
Today's GRB: 33paslt
Solar Stamp Of Approval

3Today's GRB: Empty Re: Today's GRB: on Sun Jun 10, 2012 10:47 am


i am sorry if you feel the need to compare me to Mike but that is your choice. i left AR for personal reasons and if you had been on at the time i would have spoken to you directly. i bare no ill will towards AR or its members. it is my hope that we can all remain friends. rubia, i left you a message on FB as soon as i got back to my computer. i would hope you could respect my choice to leave.

4Today's GRB: Empty Re: Today's GRB: on Sun Jun 10, 2012 11:03 am


I've been thinking about this ever since I saw it earlier today. It seems that no matter who I talk to or when I play, this issue is brought up over and over. [Begin Assumption]As far as I knew, Shyloo already had a character in UT-KAOS and he frequently played with them on his AR character(s). He did so, because they were his friends. When has it become against guild policy to play with your friends? I know, even without playing very much, that there has been tension lately for people not always playing with the guild. In Shyloo's case specifically, everyone knows that Fair is in UTK, so it just makes sense that he'd want to spend time with her and them by association. I'm honestly surprised he didn't join them along time ago so he could talk to her more easily.[/End Assumption]

Secondly, I have no hatred for any single guild, nor will I start one now. Not even Fury guilds like Absolute Zero, or AoL's own Eternity. I will continue to be friendly to UT-KAOS even though I never deal with them, and show them respect. From my few interactions, they seem to consist of nice people. I will also continue to act this way for all guilds until I see a guild that's full of Nazi's or something along those lines.

As for Solar, now we all know where she was and what she was doing, so no need for me to comment there.

About GRB, I know I have not personally been to one in weeks. Most of the time it's been because I am busy with stuff IRL, but sometimes, like today, it's because I simply do not want to go anymore. Sure, I know I can log in with every single character and get the guild like... what? 200 points? And staying in on NM/HM Marc is not very helpful. I can't area kill, I hit for like 500 damage, so it takes me awhile to kill a single mob; I'm just not very helpful. The only other "high level" character I have are priests at 45 and 38. Both are healing only. And I'm not needed on my 15 or 30 after the first few minutes because there are other guildies with super gear that can mow through them. In the end, You'll probably get a few hundred points from me. I know that's helpful, especially when it comes down to the wire like it frequently does, but I just haven't felt the drive to do it lately. I personally haven't felt the same connection with the guild like I did many months ago, and that has made me distant. That's another discussion entirely though.

Back to GRB, I see we got 5th today, so it wasn't that bad clearly. It's not like you get anything after rank 6th anyways, other than bragging rights, which I don't much care for.

Finally, I'm sorry to hear about Willow and his family. I hope they will be able to get through it and find some sort of peace.

Seeing that you snuck a post in before I did Shy, I apologize if I said anything that's incorrect.

5Today's GRB: Empty Re: Today's GRB: on Sun Jun 10, 2012 9:48 pm


Guild Leader
Guild Leader
I bear no ill will or malice towards UT KAOS personally, I just didn't like that the two people that were involved in making this happen, were Solar and Shyloo and that the key player Shy was not at the event that day, one of our strongest players at that, that they thought they'd get he and Solar and as the goddess may have it, despite the multiple times UT KAOS players "JUMPED the Gun" and tried to get the upper hand we came out the victor, "as a family".

Secondly, No one here knows, the conversations that Shy and I had preceeding this, except a few officers, and myself. I do not have to report every conversation with the guild, but I do however, deserve some respect with the notion that REPEATEDLY , SHY was asked if he was ok and was everything all right, and he always responded the same, i'm ok, everythings fine.

I would ask him because he was never around always with UT KAOS.

My point to you Marcus, is for someone who is hardly around enough, you shouldn't make comments like you do. You only take 1/4 the information, and base your mighty opinions on those, so, maybe you should get all sides before being so opinionated. Just my thoughts.

No one has said anything to you about being here/not being here, we still stand firm that if you cannot be here for family reasons or work related issues, we understand, this is a family guild. But if someone's online during GRB and fails to show, I will kick them. End of story, they don't like it, tough. Most top 10 guilds mandate GRBs, if you know otherwise share.

Compared to Mike? No obviously, Shy doesn't remember how that whole situation went and how he was a gentlemen and talked me into better spirits about the whole thing , the one thing that hurt the most is that Mike did it without manning up and just saying so before he left.

Someone, said he'd never do that and he did. So regarding that conversation, it's all a lie.

And I think for some people this is JUST a game, this isn't JUST a game for me, or I wouldn't have made it a family guild. It's just that a FAMILY and if there are issues or suggestions they are addressed/taken and dealt with , with discussion, like a family.

But if those hiding under curtains, don't speak there minds, like Marcus, then i've no idea how anyone is feeling or that there's a problem that needs addressing, so leaving without giving myself or the other officers a chance to fix or address your complaints, is unfair, do not blame the guild for your misguided complaints because you failed to report them. That's a cop-out , a lie.

*Note- no , i'm not mad at Marcus, he's sharing his thoughts, and I address them. If he's mad at me? Oh well, I deserve my opinions, though sometimes I speak loudly because i'm hurt. I quiet down, i'm not perfect. This defection burned closer to my heart than many know, so..... let me have my temper tantrums, I deserve them, I apologize for my own ill will and I have no problems admitting when i'm wrong. But in this case... the reasons are vague, they were never reported Shy, so you cannot cannot, claim them as you never gave your family a chance to correct them.

Today's GRB: 9bhbfb

6Today's GRB: Empty Re: Today's GRB: on Sun Jun 10, 2012 10:49 pm


Quick & Dirty reply:

My whole paragraph about me being at GRB was just an example of people
not being at GRB lately. I don't know why everyone else isn't there,
just myself.

I misread what you had originally said about relations with UTK, so I
apologize for that. I thought you said we would be cutting them off
completely, not that we wouldn't be doing events anymore. Again,
apologies for that.

I did actually know all that (including that there were issues and people might leave), except that you had tried to find out, multiple times, if something was wrong with him.

I can't say anything about what Shy has said or promised in the past. That I know nothing of.

Just a game to me, that I can make new friends with, and play with friends.

Glad to know I can be of service by being a loud-mouth Laughing

Finally, I'm guessing that the reason Shy posted what he did is because,
your post seemed rather like an attack. I understand being hurt by
people close to you AND temper-tantrums, but out loud where everyone can see and be affected by it? There is no reason for you to take advice from or listen to me, but it might have been better to rage out to a small group of confidants until you had all your immediate anger out, then make a calm post. Very likely I wouldn't have posted half of what I did, or maybe even at all.

Anyways, I'm not mad at you Rubia, just trying to get some more reasonable, calmer thoughts, as well as hopefully shedding more light on things for anyone else who reads the forums (even though I know the number is small compared to those that are in guild).

7Today's GRB: Empty Re: Today's GRB: on Sun Jun 10, 2012 10:56 pm


Guild Leader
Guild Leader

Today's GRB: 9bhbfb

8Today's GRB: Empty Re: Today's GRB: on Mon Jun 11, 2012 4:40 am


Rubia i am sorry that have the need to feel that what i have done is about you, well its not, the whole game does not revolve around you or your "family guild". i tried to be polite and kind but you insist on insulting me and others when you have no clue what is going on. you do not need to know every detail about everyones life and the choices they make, just know i made a choice, for better or worst, but it was my choice. done for reasons you and no one else needs to know. i hope we can be friends, if not it will be your loss. i do ask that you remember i made a choice, no one made it for me, so stop trying to blame anyone but me. by the way during that GvG i was working, so get over it already, that event was set up for fun and it seems to many people have there pride in the wrong place (on both sides) and ruined the fun from what i heard. anyhow, yes i am upset with the way this was handled. yes i could have done it differently and so could you. a guild tag means nothing, the friends you make do, i am still the same guy, i just have a new course to follow. my friends are my friends no matter what. hopefuly we can remain as friends, but i am done with all this crap being put in a public forum. good luck to you and the entire "AR family"

9Today's GRB: Empty Re: Today's GRB: on Mon Jun 11, 2012 11:08 am


hope to still see you and fair around in game. Smile

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