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SHAIYA Update:

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1SHAIYA Update: Empty SHAIYA Update: on Sun Aug 19, 2012 9:02 am


Guild Leader
Guild Leader
Tentative new content timeline for Shaiya

Good news!

Hey everyone,

When Spaznick returned from Korea we got some exciting news of things to come; now we have a better idea about what is coming and when we can expect it. Nexon has really shown their commitment and all of Team Shaiya is happy to be able to give you this update:

The following dates are what is being targeted and may change due to unforeseen circumstances.

Pet system
These will be mountable pets that pick up items for you but additional features regarding the pets are still unknown.

Costume system
The costumes will be equipped over your gear. Ideally they would be rec-able to provide benefit to PvP but at this time we don't have full details on the system. Screenshots will be provided when available.

Combination System (Phoenix Only)
This system allows for old lapises to be combined into new ones as well as creating double rec-runes!

Adding better gear to drop tables
End of July - Early August
In hopes of offering more power to grinders and improving PvP, rare gear will be added into the drop tables.

Security Updates
Multiple security updates will be implemented over time to help protect Shaiya from gold sellers, hackers, and cheaters.

Equipment Changes
Early August
70 AP armor will be usable on a HM character.
Accessories will be rec-able.

Server Merge
Team Shaiya recognizes the urgency of this issue and this is our top priority. However, it can be a very complicated process for Shaiya so please be patient.

Episode 6:
Q3 - Q4
Multiple adjustments continue to be made to ep6, offering more mechanics to balance the economy as well as additional game content.

The 2nd half of this year is turning out to be very exciting times for Shaiya. Thank you for all your patience; we know it has been a long road and we hope you share our excitement for these updates.

Please remember that these are tentative dates set by Nexon and are subject to change! As we receive new content, we'll do our best to test it and get it live as fast as possible.

SHAIYA Update: 9bhbfb

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