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Rank 4- New Rank - GRB Members Only [APPLY HERE]

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Guild Leader
Guild Leader
Rank 4-

GRB General -
GRB Assistant General-

Okay, there will be one MAIN general, when the General is not here to organize, the Assistant General will take over, or Aid the General in attendance when asked.

In addition, these members will run Guild events and recruitments when possible.

Rank 4- New Rank - GRB Members Only [APPLY HERE] 9bhbfb

2Rank 4- New Rank - GRB Members Only [APPLY HERE] Empty VERY interested on Sat Apr 16, 2011 11:13 pm


Forum Administrator
Forum Administrator
I would be very interested in applying for this position. I have been an active player and active in GRB. I would love to contribute more to the guild anyway that i can...




I'm willing to stay as General or be moved to Assistant General. Made a video of GRB today showing what the job is like and what areas are what.


Guild Leader
Guild Leader
I have placed this position on hold. In the meantime, Dani and Minna have agreed to Co-captain, GRB.

In addition, I do believe Momma P and Jazzy are working together to create a easier way to track our guild players/list and keep it maintained. Will keep you all updated.

Rank 4- New Rank - GRB Members Only [APPLY HERE] 9bhbfb


you know, a spread sheet on google would work rly well with that rubia, or in excel too


Guild Leader
Guild Leader
Jazzy is currently addressing all these issues and now is a full time forum moderator.

We are going to be going through a lot of guild changes, some good, some controversial, and others... well, they are what I would call NECESSARY.

Rank 4- New Rank - GRB Members Only [APPLY HERE] 9bhbfb

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