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GRB Combatants with the following will automatically get RANK 5:

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Guild Leader
Guild Leader
Listen , if you are a regular GRB combatant, and you currently have or are willing to make:

Level 30 "not to be leveled" GRB Toon
Level 55+ toon

You can post here the two toons for GRB. When you've posted and the toons are verified, you will get ranked to 5, on those 2 toons ONLY.

The restrictions to this is:

1. You do not level the 30 toon without having a level 30 to replace it.
2. They cannot be normal modes.
3. You must participate in 2 GRB's per month.

Officers, Rank 2's and 3's , alternate toons will be auto ranked to 4, so that they are not confused with the GRB combatants.

GRB Combatants with the following will automatically get RANK 5: 9bhbfb


I'm a regular GRB combatant, im rank 7 and i dont really care about it cause im here to help the guild, have fun, make new friends and be part of the family.

I come to GRB to help my family not to get ranked. These are just my thoughts about GRB and i think guildies should think the same way.

Luv ya all -



Cloud.Nyne - lv 30 Bdef GRB
55+ what ever 55+ we need that week


Guild Leader
Guild Leader
Natty if everyone had wonderful thoughts as you do, EVERYONE would be participating. I wuffs you! But this is an incentive for persons to be serious about being where we need players and not always wanting to be in the higher levels.

Many of you might not know, but the 1-15 mobs are 11pts. The most points given in GRB.
The Mid mobs I think are 9 and the 31-60 mobs I believe are 8.

So, you see the more people we have, in the 30 area, before the big dudes break through? The most awesomest we'll be. I think a team of 7 at the pirates:
This team starts immediately on entering.
2- Battle Defenders
3- Mages
2- Priests will be awesome.

Soon as high levels break through, they change speed and go to 31-60 area.

This team goes kills 15 boss immediately and starts killing salads and walking tree wenches.
2- Rec Def
4- Mages
2- Priest in the 1-15 would be perfect

Meanwhile- A team of 3 fighters/BD's
3 Priests go to 30 boss. Kills and changes toons to the high level area.
I will post this in the GRB section.

I think we have a good possibility of getting 58k, if we can get 1200pts at pirates, before the breakthrough and 1800 points at the 1-15 area before the break through.
The high level raid will head to 1-15 and pirates to cover, t hen the 1-15 and pirates 30 toons will change to higher toons and cover archers in 30 area.

It makes the most sense we need to make it work, but to do so, people NEED 30 toons. and we need Fighters/defenders/mages and priests. BD's can do both if done right. I fully believe BD's/Mages/Priests can and will make the perfect fighting machines for GRB at 30 level. Thank you for hearing me out.

GRB Combatants with the following will automatically get RANK 5: 9bhbfb


Is there a minimum time needed in guild to apply for rank 5? If so, that is 100% understandable. If not,...

Leonhardt - lvl 57 UM Fighter
IncendioAmori - lvl 30 UM Fighter *GRB*
Dr. Leonhardt - lvl 30 UM priest (GRB alt)

As for actually attending GRB, I have made it clear at work that I cannot come in before 4PM. Thus, I am able to attend just about every GRB.

Thanks for your time.


6GRB Combatants with the following will automatically get RANK 5: Empty RE: GRB Ranking on Tue Jul 12, 2011 4:14 am


Guild Leader
Guild Leader
You will be auto ranked on GRB toons only, once you've established a pattern for being at GRB, if you've been steadily reporting to GRB and your GRB toons are not ranked to 5 , just "kindly" remind an officer,

"Hey, Rubia.. I've been to the last 5 GRB's and will continue to come, can I get my ranks up?

That will be sufficient enough to have one of us go an update your rank.

GRB Combatants with the following will automatically get RANK 5: 9bhbfb


Well I guess I spoke too soon, the person that usually works Saturdays quit, so until we find someone, I am the only one who can take her place >_<



Greetings, all. `Nif here.

I'm listing the GRB toons that I have established and am currently using. I haven't missed a GRB yet, and I plan to attend every GRB unless something should come up, although I do make it a point to schedule time for GRB on Saturdays.

» DrNif = Lv60 UM Mage
» NifGRB = Lv30 UM Fighter

I do consider GRB to be very important, and I take it seriously as I stride for excellence in my performance and my contribution to the guild's ability to execute. If anyone ever needs help with their GRB toons, you're welcome to talk to me about assistance. I don't normally farm myself out for plvl'ing and I tend to amiably discourage the practice in general; however, I make an well-drawn exception for GRB toons since they are more akin to being part of the guild's arsenal. Normally, plvl'ing leads to toons who are poorly used due to lack of experience with the class being an unearned level, as well as a jaded person likely to plea for more plvl'ing in the future, but if you have a GRB toon that isn't yet 15 or 30 and want some help finishing out the levels before the next GRB, do let me know.

Cheers, all! `Nif said.

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